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General purpose power amplifiers are designed for various applications such as instrumentation, communications, heating, medical,...

LPA Concepts has been a major provider of feedforward amplifiers for many years. When excellent linearity is needed it is often the only solution. These amplifiers are available in many bands ranging from 100MHz to 4 Ghz and with power levels of 2Wave to 30Wave.

These amplifiers are optimized for high power and best efficiency. They are used in conjunction with  DPD linearization in high power wireless infrastructure transmitters.

These products are built around a power amplifier module. Together with the Tx amplification they integrate different other functions of an RF head such as:  linearization, Rx amplification, filters.

These modules comprise both Tx and Rx chains in a very small package. They connect directly to a radio board and to an antenna filter. Depending on the power required they can house a single TxRx or a dual TxRx.

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