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LPA Concepts can offer different type of modules at different power levels and with different connectivity.


The RFFE board is in the same plane as the module. This would be the case of RRH and antennas

Connections to the RFFE board are direct. Connections to the filters are made with MCX cables or with direct blind mate PSMP connections.

Modules are available with one TxRx chain (high power)  or with two TxRx chains (medium power).

One 20W Tx / one Rx , TDD band 40


In antenna arrays connections are made in the Z direction : below the module for the RFFE board and the digital board, and above the module  for the antenna elements.

LPA Concepts has designed modules and distribution board that allows for all the connections to the digital board while maintaining a good heat conductivity to the  heatsink at the back.

The modules integrate ceramic filters for the TDD system. The size of the 3W modules for the 3.4-3.6GHz band is 96mm x 39mm x13mm

AAM module with 2 x 3.4-3.6GHz 3W radios

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