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Designing high power amplifiers is the core of LPA Concepts know how. LPA Concepts designs cover most of the wireless bands from 100MHz to 4GHz. At high power these are mostly Doherty designs using LDMOS or GAN transistors.


High power amplifier designs are custom designs since most customers have specific electrical and mechanical constraints

Typical GAN Doherty high power design


The mechanical structure and the assembly process are critical to a good performance of high power RF amplifiers. Since all components and printed circuit boards are very often soldered down to metallic base plates, LPA Concepts has invested in an assembly line including a vapor phase reflow process.


All high power amplifiers are tested for PAR compression point, ACLR and efficiency with modulated signals. They are also 100% tested for AMAM/AMPM and DPD to insure a good linearization in the customer equipment.

LTE10 AMAM/AMPM plots 

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